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At Dynamole we have the technique and know-how to repair and replace your sewer lines without disturbing the ground around it! Call us now at (585) 254-1624 to schedule an appointment with our friendly, knowledgeable staff!

Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Rochester, NYThe latest technology in pipe repair is the trenchless sewer repair method. This method replaces the need to dig down and remove the broken pipe, saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars on machinery use and labor. Trenchless methods are about using transformable plastics that bond to the wall of the old pipe. While the old pipe is not removed, a watertight tube is reestablished.

Fiber optic cameras and telescoping excavation tools make it all possible. If a sewer pipe has been damaged long enough, it might be partially blocked by sediment. Telescopic brushes and scoops and vacuums can remove this debris. Once the space is clean, the new lining is inserted using air pressure. It bonds to the old wall, or else hardens as the chemical makeup of the plastic changes.

Dyna Mole is proud to offer the latest solutions to old and potentially nasty problems. We understand the inflating commodity costs that the average person faces, and is glad to offer the most economical fixes possible. We will not force customers to pay larger fees than what technology actually makes feasible.

Some of the local competition still have not caught onto the advantages of trenchless sewer repairs and are still advocating excavation methods. This is only necessary if a main line needs to be enlarged. Otherwise, go trenchless. The difference could be thousands of dollars.

Dyna Mole is the first to adopt the latest advancements and breakthroughs. We are a rapidly growing company with all the tools that a customer could expect from a top quality sewer and drain repair service. All crew members are friednly and knowledgeable professionals at what they do and have experience and certifications to back their work.