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Storm sewer systems are specifically designed for the capture and transport of rainwater and groundwater to an appropriate destination to prevent property damage and address health and safety concerns.

Storm systems must work properly to prevent flooding during storm conditions and require periodic maintenance to be reliable.

Commercial storm systems may consist of underground pipes that take away the discharge from gutters, sump pumps, curtain drains, floor drains, trench drains, yard drains, foundation drains buried beneath the basement slab floor, parking lot catch-basins, roof conductors, etc. A myriad of specialty drains may be found inside of commercial establishments that may depend on the building’s storm system piping.

The discharge of these systems may connect to public systems in the street or possibly a creek or low-lying area on the property. There may be leaching chambers or french drains buried in the ground.

Diagnosing the right “fix” can be challenging. Proper diagnostics requires experience and the right tools. Underground video cameras and pipe locating equipment are critical. Specialized pipe cleaning equipment may be required.

In the event of an underground repair, Dynamole’s trenchless technologies protect landscaping and hardscapes.

Dynamole has the experience and the right tools to handle any rainwater or groundwater issue. We work on private property, public property and street work if needed.