A potential gas leak is a serious, poisonous hazard that is silent and odorless. Call Dynamole if you suspect you may have a gas leak to ensure it is caught and repaired immediately by dialing (585) 254-1624 now.

A natural gas leak is dangerous and gas line issues should always be handled by a professional. If you suspect that you have a problem with your gas lines, you should call us immediately. Gas powered machinery should also be repaired by qualified technicians because they can be dangerous if they are not fixed properly.

It’s a good idea to have your gas lines inspected at least once a year by a qualified professional. Some signs of a gas leak include a rotten egg odor and a hissing sound that is often heard near appliances. Gas leaks should be dealt with immediately as they are hazardous to your health and can even be fatal. Qualified contractors have specialized equipment that allows them to safely track down the source of a gas leak. Many of the methods that homeowners use to track down gas leaks can be highly dangerous and should be strongly cautioned against.

If any of your gas powered appliances stop working properly, then you probably have a gas leak or an issue with the appliance. In this case you should discontinue use of any gas powered appliances until the source of the problem is located and fixed. Continuing to use malfunctioning gas appliances can cause an explosion, so make sure you treat these situations with the care they warrant.

As long as your gas lines and appliances are in good condition, natural gas provides an affordable and effective fuel source. If you need gas lines installed, we have qualified professionals who will do the job using the best materials.