Built on Honesty and Integrity.

No digging solutions, Dyna Mole was an early pioneer in the Trenchless Technology industry. To date, our field experts have installed over 20,000 water and sewer lines without trenching.

At Dyna Mole Plumbing we use methods that help preserve landscaping and hardscape areas. These are often damaged or destroyed by conventional excavation methods but, we can help prevent the damage thus saving you millions of dollars.  

Our service offerings have grown to encompass a full array of innovative solutions for underground challenges.

Who We Serve

We serve an ever-growing customer base including; Homes, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc., and perform specialty projects for several municipalities.

Today, Dyna Mole continues to be a leader and innovator of state-of-the-art processes in the Plumbing and Trenchless industry, bringing a specialized expertise to a customer base throughout New York State and Northern Pennsylvania. We can provide creative solutions for your projects.

Dyna Mole is a licensed plumbing contractor with over 30 years of hands-on experience.